Raymond PhangConceptual Wedding Photographer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABold and quietly confident, photography has provided a rich environment of opportunity for Raymond Phang to express himself artistically and creatively. Particularly proficient at shoots when it comes to photographing people in their most candid moments, Raymond Phang clearly has a natural flair for the finest detail and exudes photography talent that extends beyond his camera mastery.

Possessing unparalleled imagination and brilliance, his style of humor in story-telling, camera techniques/lighting and strong participation of subjects contribute to his award winning conceptualized photography that can be applied to other forms of photography..

Besides Wedding, Raymond has also worked with prestigious Advertising & PR Agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Hill+Knowlton Strategies and Pico for Commercial and Event photography. The biggest regional aerospace event – Singapore Airshow, advertising campaigns for automobile brands such as Borneo Motors are just some of his regular commissioned assignments.

To date, Raymond Phang has garnered more than 220 local and international photography awards. Recognized as a benchmark of excellence across the world, Raymond has also attained the Associate (AMPA) level of qualification in the Master Photographers Association – a prestigious UK qualifying body for professional photographers worldwide. His most recent photographic achievement sees him garnering the Gold Award and First Prize Award in the Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) wedding photography competition (creative division).

Raymond’s photography work has been widely exhibited in Leica Gallery, National Museum of Singapore, Republic Plaza, Former Command House, and also published in the book Resonance: Song of our Forefathers. Besides casual sharing sessions with budding photographers in his free time, Raymond Phang has also received constant invitation by Canon Singapore to share at various photography talks and seminars. Other than local photography workshops and seminars, Raymond was recently invited by AsiaWPA to give a talk in China to a group of over 100 aspiring photographers. Photography as a platform not only allowed him to express himself but also became a much cherished opportunity to form bonds of friendships, to inspire and be inspired.


Bryan FoongTravel & Wedding Art Photographer, Nikon Ambassador


Bryan Foong, harnessed the power of photography to make dreams come true. By understanding the wants and needs of his clients, he is able to seamlessly weld the mood, feelings and emotions into the masterpieces of their dreams.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Bryan pursue to apprehend the changing perspectives of wedding photography through society’s progression. Being a keen learner of different cultures and traditions, he is able to fuse contemporary approach onto classical mores. Established in 2008, Bryan Jean Photography gained significant clout in its first year with a portfolio of 60 clients. The following year, Bryan bagged his first award, inducted into the Master Photographers Association as a Licentiate and finished in the Top 30 Photographers of AGWPJA.

Over the years Bryan accumulated over 70 awards and accolades in international competitions. Earlier in 2012, He was named one of the Asia TOP 30 Wedding Photographers by a regional magazine. Bryan has been named Best of Singapore in Wedding Photography consecutively from 2013-16 by Tatler Singapore. He was also an invited speaker for Nikon, Hasselblad and Profoto on wedding and portraits photography.

With an uncompromising pursuit of excellence, Bryan’s accomplishments can be attributed to patience and unparalleled motivation for uniqueness of himself and his craft.


Willy FooTechnopreneur, Marketer

Willy Foo 3

A former IT consultant, Willy began his journey as a professional photographer in 2003 when he wired his camera to a notebook carried in a backpack. The pictures he took at events were projected live wirelessly with instant printing. This ‘live’ coverage was a hit and Willy turned his hobby into a business founding LiveStudios Interactive Photography. The company grew from a 2-man company to one of the most sought after photography companies in Singapore covering more than 800 shoots annually.

LiveStudios celebrates it’s 11th year and has expanded to LiveTechnologies, Kids Pictures and MovingStills.


Geoff AngFashion/Commercial Photographer

GeoffAng1Lights, camera, action. These three words made some sense when one applies them to Geoff Ang, who had a humble beginning when he started to work in his father’s production company as a youngster.

Geoff has an illustrious career as a fashion photographer and now an established regional commercial photographer but not many knows that he started out as a still life photographer. For a still life photographer, light is one the most crucial element as it is the only substance that brings life to an object. Right up till today, Geoff is a master at lighting. His lighting methods are exquisite and very refined. His producer at Geoffstudio, once asked what light equipment he wanted, and Geoff replied, “ Everything “ and with everything, he creates magic and life. At times, Geoff can be seen holding up his hand up in the air and let the sun light falls on it and sees how it lights his hand and be mesmerized by it. It feels like a private moment for him as a photographer.

He has a passion for cameras and he used to have good collection of Leica until his house got robbed one day, along with his collection. It was devastating to him as a camera to a photographer is like water to a fish. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t let it get him down too much and soon rebuilt his collection. All he needs now is Leica to make a security camera to watch over his collection. Apart from his Leica collection, he shoots with all kinds of cameras. One of his latest toys was a Go-pro which he straps to his young daughter and sees the images from her point of view.

Geoff is also an established TVC director, a natural diversion for a photographer. A director may yell “Action! “ but Geoff’s action is his payback to the community and industry that made him possible. He is actively involved in projects and photography seminars that require him to share his experiences with people who are interested in photography. He is very passionate about sharing and mentoring and two of his latest ventures are SOAP (School of Advanced Photography) ,where he and his peers provide master classes to the avid photographers who want to know more of that know how; and feat. , a photographers representation agency he has set up to mentor young and talented photographers.

He once said that photography is not just about the photograph but it’s about the journey and the experience that encompasses it.

Stefen ChowWorld Press Photo Portraitist

StefenChow3Stefen Chow (b. 1980) is a Malaysian-born, Singapore-raised photographer. Stefen undertakes long term projects with social conscience. Stefen is the co-founder of ‘The Poverty Line’, a global visual project that contextualises poverty. The project was referenced by the World Bank and exhibited as large scale installations at the Les Nuits Photographiques in Paris, PMQ in Hong Kong and the CAFA museum in Beijing. The project has been extensively featured in international media and is currently in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.

His editorial and commercial work has garnered awards from World Press Photo, National Geographic and International Photo Awards. He has worked with global leading corporations and institutions including Apple, DHL, General Electric, Grey Group, Green Peace, GEO magazine, Wall Street Journal and the Smithsonian magazine. Stefen has also been on the jury for the Nikon Photo contest and head jury at Asia’s Crowbar Awards. He has been invited to speak at the APEC Women Summit, TEDx conferences, Hong Kong BODW, University of Science Po and National University of Singapore.

Stefen reached the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 25 and has been involved in more than 10 Himalayan expeditions. Nikon named him as one of Asia’s top photographers. Stefen is grateful to be living his dream; he currently lives and works in Beijing.